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Housing in Macau

Buying a property in Macau is extremely straight forward and easy. Most residents live in government housing which are usually small tenements that lack the creature comforts of a typical Western home. If you are looking for a small apartment for an investment, expect New York City prices and then some. You can easily spend a $1 million plus on a one-bedroom; in many cases, $2 million for a three-bedroom. Most expatriates rent their accommodation. As far as apartments go, finding a decent apartment can be time consuming and cost extremely high prices.

Generally, new rental deposit is usually a lump sum of three to four months worth of rental. Be sure to have enough funds to cover this expense. If you sign a one-year tenancy agreement, you will likely be charged one months rent in commission to renew your contract.

Most apartments come furnished with the basic compliment of furniture such as beds, couch, coffee table, TV stand, dining room table and chairs, TV, wardrobes and a washing machine. Many apartments, however, may not have an oven or clothes dryer, but these can be purchased at nearby appliance stores for a reasonable price. Most people purchase a small counter-top oven/cooker. Keep in mind that you will probably have to give your new apartment a thorough cleaning before you move in.

Do ask your agent to write down your apartment name and address in Chinese or get a business card from the apartment management company so you can show it to taxi drivers when you want to return home from somewhere, or when you are arranging deliveries to your new apartment.





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